Staging and Why It’s Important

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Staging and Why It’s Important

Statistics Prove Staging Makes a Difference.

A recent study showed that a staged home sells 78% faster and for up to 10% more compared to non-staged homes (Source:  February 2010 Real Estate Staging Association).

How much are you willing to come down in price because your home isn’t selling?  Your investment in home staging will cost far less than your first price reduction, if you stage it before putting your home on the market.

Staging can be as uncomplicated as a walk-through with a written list of suggestions or as extensive as de-cluttering, rearranging and redecorating. Each home is unique, so we will create a customized plan for you that promises dramatic results.  A Vacant home will always show better when furnished.  Empty spaces appear small and leave buyers wondering where their furniture will go.   They also see every blemish in the home and often wonder if the seller is desperate and will take a low ball offer.  Let us fix that problem for you.  Staging the home with our extensive line of beautiful furnishings allows the buyer to “feel at home” as soon as they enter the front door, bringing up the value of your home.





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